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Artist: Matthew West

Track Title: Into the Light

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2012

Album Name: Into the Light (13 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Matthew West’s song “Into the Light,” featured in his album of the same name, is a powerful testament to his Christian music legacy. Released in 2012, this track has a duration of 4:31 minutes and is a standout example of West’s ability to blend emotive lyrics with engaging melodies.

“Into the Light” carries a message of hope and transformation, encouraging listeners to step out of the darkness and embrace faith. This song’s uplifting and soul-stirring qualities make it a beloved addition to the Christian genre, resonating with audiences seeking inspiration and spiritual renewal.

In the world of Christian music, “Into the Light” remains a timeless and cherished song, exemplifying Matthew West’s dedication to crafting meaningful music that connects deeply with his listeners. It’s a testament to his enduring impact on the genre and his ability to inspire faith through song.

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Video: Matthew West – Into the Light

Into the Light Lyrics By Matthew West

I was stranded in shadows
It was all I ever knew
I was pushed down in the darkness
Lost all hope of breaking through
There’s no life inside that prison
No windows, just these walls and chains
But love was on a mission
And I never will forget the day
You woke my heart up
You made me brave
You lifted my eyes
And called me by my name

Come on, come on out of the darkness
Come on, come on out of the night
No more, no more living in the shadows now
Step into the light

When I was shaky, You were steady
Like a lighthouse off the coast
Always willing, always ready
To lead this wandering heart back home
And now I still got bruises
And scars don’t lie
But they’re the proof that
I got a second chance at life
There’s a break in the clouds
The sun’s raining down
It’s calling me out
This is my hallelujah
Night turns to day
All my fear melts away
I lift my hands up and say
This is my hallelujah

Come on, come on no looking back now
Come on, come on run for your life
No more, no more living in the shadows now
Step into the light