Download Matthew West Something to Say Full Album

Album Artist: Matthew West

Album Title: Something to Say Full Album

Released Year: 2007

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 14 Tracks

Matthew West’s album “Something to Say,” released in 2007, features a collection of 14 tracks that span a duration of 48 minutes. This album showcases his remarkable talent in the Christian music genre and his ability to convey meaningful messages through his music.

“Something to Say” is a testament to Matthew West’s ability to blend catchy melodies with lyrics that carry a profound message. Each track on the album offers a unique perspective on faith, life, and hope. The album’s title itself suggests that there are important messages to be shared, and Matthew West certainly delivers on this promise.

Throughout “Something to Say,” listeners are treated to a diverse range of musical styles and themes, all anchored in the Christian genre. Matthew West’s passion for storytelling through his music is evident, and this album stands as a significant milestone in his career, leaving a lasting impact on those who seek inspiration and encouragement through his songs.

List of Tracks in “Something to Say” Album By Matthew West

  1. Intro
  2. Something to Say
  3. The Motions
  4. You Are Everything
  5. The Center
  6. Save a Place for Me
  7. Life Inside You
  8. Safe and Sound
  9. The Moment of Truth
  10. A Friend In the World
  11. All the Broken Pieces
  12. Stop the World
  13. The Motions (Acoustic)
  14. Save a Place for Me (Acoustic)