Download MercyMe Welcome to the New Full Album

Album Artist: MercyMe

Album Title: Welcome to the New Full Album

Released Year: 2014

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 10 Tracks

MercyMe’s album “Welcome to the New,” released in 2014, is a significant addition to the Christian music genre, comprising 10 tracks that offer a fresh perspective on faith and life. With a total duration of 40 minutes, this album is a musical journey that explores themes of redemption, transformation, and spiritual renewal.

One of the standout tracks in this album is the title track, “Welcome to the New,” which encapsulates the album’s central message of embracing a new life in Christ. Through its vibrant and uplifting melody, the song conveys the joy and freedom that come with a spiritual rebirth. “Welcome to the New” invites listeners to let go of their past and step into a renewed and purposeful existence.

Released in 2014, “Welcome to the New” showcases MercyMe’s ability to infuse Christian music with contemporary sound and lyrics that resonate with believers seeking a deeper connection with their faith. It’s an album that encourages reflection, celebration, and a fresh outlook on life in Christ, making it a valuable addition to the Christian music landscape.

List of Tracks in “Welcome to the New” Album By MercyMe

  1.  Welcome to the New
  2. Gotta Let It Go
  3. Shake
  4. Greater
  5. Finish What He Started
  6. Flawless
  7. New Lease on Life
  8. Wishful Thinking
  9. Burn Baby Burn
  10. Dear Younger Me