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Artist: Yadah

Track Title: What do I have

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2023

Album Name: Fathered By the Best (11 Tracks)

Country: Nigeria

Category: Gospel Songs

Yadah, a gospel artist hailing from Nigeria, presents a soul-stirring piece titled “What do I have” from her album “Fathered By the Best.” This reflective composition falls within the genre of gospel and Christian music, showcasing Yadah’s devotion to spreading spiritual messages through her art. The song’s duration of 6 minutes and 46 seconds provides ample time for listeners to immerse themselves in its heartfelt lyrics and uplifting melodies. As part of the 11-track album, “What do I have” contributes to a larger narrative of faith and worship, making it a noteworthy addition to Yadah’s body of work.

The album “Fathered By the Best” is a testament to Yadah’s commitment to creating meaningful and impactful gospel music. Released in 2023, this collection of 11 tracks serves as a musical journey that encapsulates the artist’s spiritual experiences and beliefs. Each song, including “What do I have,” contributes to the overarching theme of being nurtured and guided by a higher power. With a diverse range of tracks, Yadah’s album invites listeners to explore different facets of their faith, making it a valuable addition to the gospel music landscape.

Yadah’s “What do I have” not only stands out as a captivating piece within the context of her album but also exemplifies the rich tapestry of Nigerian gospel music. The country’s vibrant musical heritage is well-represented in this gospel gem, as Yadah’s soulful vocals and the song’s melodic arrangement create an immersive experience for the audience. As listeners engage with the 6:46-minute journey, they are likely to find solace and inspiration in the spiritual depth of Yadah’s music, reaffirming the power of gospel to transcend borders and connect hearts in worship.

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