Download Jesus Culture Obsession ft Chris Quilala

Artist: Jesus Culture

Track Title: Obsession ft Chris Quilala

Featured Artist(s): Chris Quilala

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2009

Album Name: Consumed (12 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

“Obsession” featuring Chris Quilala is another remarkable gospel track from Jesus Culture’s “Consumed” album, released in 2009. With a duration of 8 minutes and 12 seconds, this song allows for a profound and extended worship experience. The Christian genre is beautifully exemplified in this composition, showcasing Jesus Culture’s commitment to creating music that not only entertains but also serves as a conduit for spiritual connection. The “Consumed” album, consisting of 10 tracks, is a testament to the group’s dedication to delivering impactful and soul-stirring Christian music.

The collaboration with Chris Quilala in “Obsession” adds a distinctive and emotive quality to the song. Given the genre, the lyrics are likely to delve into themes of spiritual yearning, devotion, and the intense desire to be close to the divine. The extended duration of the track suggests that it provides a space for worshippers to immerse themselves fully in the meditative and contemplative atmosphere created by the music. Each moment of the 8-minute journey contributes to a sense of spiritual intimacy and connection, making “Obsession” a powerful expression of faith.

The release of “Obsession” in 2009 is significant in the timeline of Jesus Culture’s discography, marking a period when the group continued to make a substantial impact on the Christian music scene. The lengthy duration of the song, combined with its inclusion in the “Consumed” album, reflects the group’s intention to provide listeners with an immersive and transformative worship experience. As worshippers engage with “Obsession,” they are likely to be drawn into a deep and introspective encounter with their spirituality, guided by the heartfelt vocals and emotive instrumentation characteristic of Jesus Culture’s musical style.

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Video: Jesus Culture – Obsession ft Chris Quilala

Obsession Lyrics By Jesus Culture

What can I do with my obsession?
With the things I cannot see
Is it madness in my being?
Is it wind that blows the trees?

Sometimes you’re further than the moon
Sometimes you’re closer than my skin
And you surround me like a winter fog
You’ve come and burned me with a kiss

And my heart burns for you
And my heart burns