Download Jesus Culture Awakening Live from Chicago Full Album

Album Artist: Jesus Culture

Album Title: Awakening Live from Chicago Full Album

Released Year: 2011

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 16 Tracks

“Awakening Live from Chicago” is a remarkable album by the renowned Christian music group, Jesus Culture. Released in 2011, this album encapsulates the essence of the Christian genre, delivering a spiritually uplifting experience for listeners. With a total of 16 songs, “Awakening Live from Chicago” offers a diverse range of worshipful music, creating an atmosphere that draws individuals into a deep connection with their faith.

This album is a testament to the enduring power of Gospel music to inspire and uplift the human spirit. It reminds us of the timeless devotion and spirituality that radiate through Christian songs, encouraging listeners to find solace, inspiration, and a profound sense of worship in the world of Christian music. “Awakening Live from Chicago” is a musical journey that invites individuals to reflect on their faith and to immerse themselves in the powerful and moving melodies brought to life by Jesus Culture.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual solace, a source of inspiration, or simply a beautiful listening experience, “Awakening Live from Chicago” offers a rich collection of Christian songs that resonates with believers and music enthusiasts alike. It stands as a testament to the enduring influence of Gospel music in touching the hearts and souls of its listeners and providing a platform for individuals to deepen their connection with the divine.

List of Tracks in “Awakening Live from Chicago” Album By Jesus Culture

  1. Awaken Me (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live] 
  2. Father of Lights (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]
  3. Perfect Love (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Father of Lights Reprise/Live]
  4. Break Every Chain (feat. Kristene DiMarco) [Live]
  5. Glorious (feat. Katie Torwalt) [Live]
  6. Burning Ones (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]
  7. Holy Are You (feat. Chris Quilala) [Burning Ones Reprise/Live]
  8. My Everything (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]
  9. Nothing but the Blood (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]
  10. He Is Faithful (feat. Bryan Torwalt) [Live]
  11. I Surrender (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]
  12. We Are Hungry (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]
  13. Fill Me Up (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]
  14. The Anthem (feat. Jake Hamilton) [Live]
  15. Holding Nothing Back (feat. Chris Quilala) [Live]
  16. Dance (feat. Kim Walker-Smith) [Live]