Download Jesus Culture I Surrender ft Kim Walker-Smith

Artist: Jesus Culture

Track Title: I Surrender ft Kim Walker Smith

Featured Artist(s): Kim Walker Smith

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2011

Album Name: Awakening Live from Chicago (16 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

“I Surrender,” featuring the emotive vocals of Kim Walker-Smith, is a spiritually powerful Gospel song by the renowned Christian music group, Jesus Culture. This deeply moving track is part of their album “Awakening Live from Chicago,” which includes 16 spiritually uplifting songs. With a duration of 8 minutes and 28 seconds, “I Surrender” creates an immersive and worshipful experience, inviting listeners to let go, surrender to the divine, and deepen their faith.

Released in 2011, “I Surrender” beautifully encapsulates the essence of the Christian genre, delivering a message of complete surrender and devotion to God. Kim Walker-Smith’s heartfelt vocals add an extra layer of sincerity and depth to the song. The title, “I Surrender,” signifies a profound act of yielding to the divine and acknowledging the supreme authority of God, central themes in Gospel music. The song’s extended duration allows for an in-depth exploration of these spiritual sentiments, creating a moving and worshipful atmosphere.

“I Surrender” stands as a testament to the enduring power of Gospel music to inspire and uplift the human spirit. It serves as a reminder of the timeless devotion and spirituality that permeate Christian songs. This song, with its heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies, calls upon listeners to let go of their burdens and surrender to the divine, deepening their connection with God. As part of the “Awakening Live from Chicago” album, it is one of 16 tracks that collectively create a spiritually enriching experience, inspiring individuals to draw closer to the divine and find solace and inspiration in the world of Christian music.

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Video: Jesus Culture – I Surrender ft Kim Walker-Smith

I Surrender Lyrics By Jesus Culture

There is no love
Sweeter than the love You pour on me
There is no song
Sweeter than the song You sing to me
There is no place that I would rather be
Than here at You feet, laying down everything

All to You, I surrender
Everything, every part of me
All to You, I surrender
All of my dreams, all of me
I surrender

If worship’s like perfume
I’ll pour mine out on You
For there is none deserving of my love like You
So take my hand and draw me into You
I want to be swept away, lost in love for You

No turning back, I’ve made up my mind
I’m giving all of my life this time

Your love makes it worth it
Your love makes it worth it all