Download Elevation Worship Only King Forever Full Album

Album Artist: Elevation Worship

Album Title: Only King Forever Full Album

Released Year: 2019

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 14 Tracks

Elevation Worship’s album “Only King Forever,” released in 2014, stands as a remarkable contribution to the Christian music genre. Comprising 14 tracks with a total duration of 1 hour and 19 minutes, the album offers a spiritually uplifting journey for listeners. Elevation Worship is widely recognized for its powerful and emotive approach to worship music, and this album is no exception. Each track is a testament to the band’s dedication to creating music that not only entertains but also fosters a deep connection with faith.

The album’s title track, “Only King Forever,” is a standout piece that encapsulates the essence of Elevation Worship’s musical and spiritual prowess. With its anthemic sound and heartfelt lyrics, the song reverberates with a sense of reverence and devotion. Throughout the album, Elevation Worship skillfully weaves together elements of contemporary Christian music, creating an immersive experience for listeners seeking a meaningful connection through worship. The 14 tracks collectively contribute to a diverse yet cohesive musical landscape, making “Only King Forever” a timeless addition to the Christian music repertoire.

Elevation Worship’s “Only King Forever” not only showcases their musical artistry but also serves as a vessel for spiritual reflection. The album’s longevity in the Christian music scene is a testament to its impact on listeners seeking a profound connection with their faith. As each track unfolds, it invites the audience to partake in a worshipful journey that extends beyond the confines of a traditional listening experience, making it a significant and enduring work in the realm of gospel songs.

List of Tracks in “Only King Forever” Album By Elevation Worship

  1. Only King Forever (Live)
  2. Glory is Yours (Live)
  3. I Will Look Up (Live)
  4. Grace So Glorious (Live)
  5. Grace So Glorious (Reprise) [Live]
  6. The Love of Jesus (feat. Darlene Zschech) [Live]
  7. Last Word (Live)
  8. Mighty Warrior (Live)
  9. I Will Sing (Live)
  10. Everlasting Father (Live)
  11. Blessed Assurance (Live)
  12. Great and Mighty King (Live)
  13. Unto Your Name (Live)
  14. Raised to Life (Live)