Download Elevation Worship LION Full Album

Album Artist: Elevation Worship

Album Title: LION Full Album

Released Year: 2022

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 15 Tracks

Elevation Worship’s album “LION,” released in 2022, stands as a remarkable testament to their prowess in the Christian music genre. With a total of 15 tracks, this album offers a profound musical journey lasting 3 hours and 25 minutes. The extensive duration allows listeners to immerse themselves deeply in the worship experience crafted by Elevation Worship. Each track is a unique expression of faith and devotion, contributing to the overarching theme of the album.

The album title, “LION,” hints at the powerful and majestic imagery often associated with Christian symbolism. Elevation Worship has a distinctive ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with soul-stirring melodies, creating an atmosphere conducive to worship. The expansive tracklist provides a comprehensive exploration of various facets of Christian spirituality, offering listeners a diverse yet cohesive musical experience. Whether it’s through uplifting anthems or reflective ballads, Elevation Worship’s “LION” is undoubtedly a significant addition to the landscape of contemporary Gospel music.

As listeners embark on the 3-hour, 25-minute journey through “LION,” they are likely to encounter a range of emotions and spiritual reflections. The carefully curated tracks showcase Elevation Worship’s dedication to delivering a transformative musical encounter that goes beyond mere entertainment. This album is more than a collection of songs; it is a worshipful narrative that invites individuals to connect with their faith on a profound level. The duration of the album allows for a sustained and immersive experience, making it a standout contribution to the Christian music genre in 2022.

List of Tracks in “LION” Album By Elevation Worship

  1. Bye Bye Babylon (feat. Valley Boys)
  2. What I See (feat. Chris Brown)
  3. Same God (feat. Jonsal Barrientes)
  4. LION (feat. Chris Brown & Brandon Lake)
  5. This Is the Kingdom (feat. Pat Barrett)
  6. This Is the Kingdom (feat. Pat Barrett) [Flow]
  7. Dancing (feat. Joe L Barnes & Tiffany Hudson)
  8. Water Is Wild (feat. Chris Brown & Brandon Lake)
  9. Welcome Resurrection (feat. Chris Brown)
  10. Forever YHWH (feat. Tiffany Hudson)
  11. No One
  12. You Really Are (feat. Chandler Moore & Tiffany Hudson)
  13. Why (feat. Valley Boys)
  14. The One You Love
  15. Might Get Loud (feat. Chris Brown, Brandon Lake & Tiffany Hudson)