Download Elevation Worship A la Medianoche Full Album

Album Artist: Elevation Worship

Album Title: A la Medianoche Full Album

Released Year: 2020

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 6 Tracks

Elevation Worship’s album “A la Medianoche” offers a concise yet impactful collection of Christian music, featuring a total of 6 tracks with a combined duration of 31 minutes. Released in 2020, this album showcases the band’s dedication to creating spiritually uplifting and musically rich compositions in the Spanish language. The title, which translates to “At Midnight” in English, suggests a theme of seeking spiritual encounters and divine moments in the midst of darkness or challenging times.

Each of the 6 tracks in “A la Medianoche” likely contributes to the overarching message and atmosphere of the album. Elevation Worship has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to blend meaningful lyrics with engaging melodies, creating an immersive experience for listeners. The relatively short duration of the album indicates a focused and intentional selection of songs, emphasizing quality over quantity.

Fans of Elevation Worship and Christian music enthusiasts can expect a diverse range of themes and musical styles within the album. Whether through moments of worship, reflection, or celebration, “A la Medianoche” likely offers a well-crafted journey that aligns with the band’s commitment to delivering impactful Gospel songs in multiple languages. The release of this Spanish-language album further expands Elevation Worship’s reach and impact within the global Christian music community.

List of Tracks in “A la Medianoche” Album Elevation Worship

  1. Ver la Victoria (See a Victory)
  2. No Has Perdido (Never Lost)
  3. Borró (Gone)
  4. Así Será (It Is So)
  5. No Me Deja Ir (Love Won’t Give Up)
  6. Contigo (With You)