Download Yadah By Yourself

Artist: Yadah

Track Title: By Yourself

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2023

Album Name: Fathered By the Best (11 Tracks)

Country: Nigeria

Category: Gospel Songs

Yadah, a notable Gospel artist hailing from Nigeria, has graced the music scene with her soul-stirring song titled “By Yourself.” This captivating piece is part of her album “Fathered By the Best,” which boasts a total of 11 tracks. The genre of this musical gem aligns with the spiritual and uplifting tones of Gospel and Christian music, providing listeners with a powerful and moving experience that spans over 7 minutes and 37 seconds. In the realm of Gospel songs, “By Yourself” stands out not only for its duration but also for its significant presence in Yadah’s impactful collection.

“By Yourself” is a testament to Yadah’s commitment to delivering spiritually enriching content through her music. The song’s title suggests a theme of reliance on a higher power, resonating with the core values of Gospel and Christian genres. As Yadah uses her artistic prowess to convey a message of faith and dependence on divine guidance, listeners are taken on a profound journey of introspection and worship. The duration of the track allows for a deeper immersion into the emotions and reflections that the artist intends to evoke, making it a standout piece in the landscape of Gospel music.

Within the broader context of Yadah’s album, “Fathered By the Best,” “By Yourself” plays a crucial role in shaping the overall narrative and thematic elements. As the eighth track in an 11-song compilation, it contributes to the cohesive storytelling and spiritual journey that the artist invites her audience to embark upon. The album, released in 2023, serves as a testament to Yadah’s continued dedication to her craft and her mission to inspire and uplift through the profound medium of Gospel music.

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By Yourself Lyrics By Yadah