Download Elevation Worship Wake Up the Wonder Full Album

Album Artist: Elevation Worship

Album Title: Wake Up the Wonder Full Album

Released Year: 2016

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 16 Tracks

Elevation Worship’s “Wake Up the Wonder” is a captivating Christian album that has left a lasting impact on listeners since its release in 2014. The album features a total of 16 tracks, creating a musical journey that spans over an hour and 53 minutes. With its immersive duration, the album provides ample time for listeners to engage with the uplifting and spiritually rich content that Elevation Worship is known for.

The genre of “Wake Up the Wonder” aligns with Elevation Worship’s roots in Christian music. As a genre, Christian music often serves as a powerful medium for conveying faith, hope, and worship. Elevation Worship, in particular, has a reputation for crafting songs that resonate with believers, and this album is no exception. The thematic elements and lyrical depth woven throughout the tracks contribute to the genre’s broader mission of connecting individuals with their spirituality through music.

The year 2014 marked the release of this significant album, showcasing Elevation Worship’s commitment to consistently delivering impactful music to their audience. “Wake Up the Wonder” stands as a testament to the band’s dedication to creating soul-stirring melodies and lyrics that inspire and encourage. As listeners engage with the album, they embark on a musical and spiritual journey that transcends the confines of time, making it a timeless contribution to the Christian music landscape.

List of Tracks in “Wake Up the Wonder” Album By Elevation Worship

  1. Already Won
  2. Unstoppable God
  3. Jesus I Come
  4. Ever Glorious
  5. Jesus Forever
  6. Your Promises
  7. The King Is Among Us
  8. The First Light
  9. Great Things (Worth It All)
  10. Standing
  11. Let Us Adore
  12. I Love You Lord
  13. The Road
  14. For the Lamb
  15. Fortress
  16. Look How He Lifted Me