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Artist: Dax

Track Title: Ptsd

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2021

Album Name: Pain Paints Paintings (16 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Ptsd, is a title of a record, written and performed by famed gospel singer, Dax.

Award-winning worship minister, Dax unlocks this intelligent record captioned Ptsd, to the fans in the year 2021. This record of one of the few songs that made up his album; Pain Paints Paintings.
The song Ptsd, was displayed by Dax as the thirteenth track off his much-accepted playlist dubbed Pain Paints Paintings, which bagged sixteen miraculous melodies.

The gospel maestro called Dax has released several spirit-filled harmonies to infuse joy on the face of everyone who listens to them. Grab this great tune tagged Ptsd below.

Dax’s haunting track “PTSD” emerges as a poignant and thought-provoking entry in his album “Pain Paints Paintings.” With its unveiling under the Living Legends Entertainment label in 2021, this song takes its place as the thirteenth chapter within the album’s narrative, delving into the deep-seated scars left by trauma and the indelible impact it has on the human psyche.

Positioned as the thirteenth track, “PTSD” serves as a powerful exploration of the aftermath of pain and adversity. Through emotive lyrics and an evocative delivery, Dax navigates the harrowing experiences of those who carry the weight of trauma. The track’s intricate depiction of the mental and emotional toll of PTSD invites listeners to empathize with those who struggle in silence, often unable to escape the haunting memories that shape their lives. By giving voice to this deeply personal and often stigmatized topic, Dax showcases his ability to harness the potency of music to shed light on the darkest corners of the human experience.

“PTSD” stands as a testament to Dax’s commitment to using his artistry to spark conversations around challenging subjects. Within the broader context of “Pain Paints Paintings,” this track serves as a poignant reminder that pain is not only a source of struggle but also a canvas on which stories of resilience and survival are painted. By dedicating the thirteenth spot to this emotionally charged exploration, Dax creates a lasting impact, encouraging listeners to acknowledge the often unspoken battles that shape the lives of individuals grappling with PTSD.

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Ptsd Lyrics By Dax

And I’m not lookin’ back
But I’m not looking forward
To anything in my life ’cause
It never liked me
I can’t sleep ’cause I don’t
Know what’s inside me
The devil’s demons haunt and do divide me
And I think I’m over it
So I won’t stop walkin’
If I told you the story
Bet you wouldn’t believe
Not sure I should feel a sigh of relief
He got them, but he didn’t get me
But for some odd reason, I don’t feel free
So now what? This pain is too much
The screams of the people make music in
My head and to listеn’s too tough so I must
Wipe my mind of everything I
Saw in that church
Supprеss all these feelings even
Though that they hurt
I don’t understand how You
Could let this happen
God, I wanna know why You even
Let that man on earth
I believe that this life is by You
And whatever you choose is the best
I believe in the choices You make
Even though they may hurt and affect
I’m just human, I don’t understand You
I know you are very complex
What should I go do next?
My thought cannot connect
My PTSD shakes me and leaves me depressed
In the back of my mind
There’s a place that I know full of sorrow
When I think of those times
My anxiety fills what is hollow
I don’t know when it’ll go away
But I hope it’ll go away
I just pray I feel better when
I sleep and wake up tomorrow
Left foot, right foot, keep walkin’
Left foot, right foot, keep walkin’
Don’t look back, your past is hauntin’
Demons creeping, always stalking
In that church I got down crawling
Couldn’t not stop my eyes from balling
Children screaming, bodies falling
Keeps on shooting, bullets hawking
Some one help us, please just stop him
Why’s he laughing, he’s been plotting
Says “Get up”, I hear death calling
I stood up and started walking
We locked eyes and he was smiling
Shot himself, I saw him dying
Adrenaline was in my system, I couldn’t stop
I had to go
But I just knew that if I made it
I’d get out and praise the Lord
Now I’m walkin’ on this Sunday
And I just hope I make it home
I was walkin’ home on a Sunday
I was walkin’ home on a Sunday
I was walkin’ home on a Sunday
I was walkin’ home on a Sunday