Download Influence Music Touching Heaven Full Album

Album Artist: Influence Music

Album Title: Touching Heaven Full Album

Released Year: 2023

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 14 Tracks

Influence Music, the celebrated Christian music group, introduced a spiritually resonant and emotionally uplifting album titled “Touching Heaven” in 2018. With a total duration of 1 hour and 1 minute, this album comprises 14 tracks that collectively invite listeners on a profound journey of faith and spiritual exploration. Although the specific song title is not provided, the entire body of work within this album undoubtedly reflects the group’s ability to convey deep messages of devotion, hope, and the divine connection that is a hallmark of their Christian music.

“Touching Heaven” represents a comprehensive and spiritually enriching experience for listeners, taking them on a profound musical journey through the world of Christian gospel. With each track, Influence Music’s music is poised to uplift and inspire the human spirit, fostering a deep connection with the divine and the power of heartfelt worship in the Christian experience. While the specific song title remains a mystery, the album as a whole stands as a testament to the group’s remarkable talent in conveying the enduring belief in the spiritual realm and the transformative power of faith, offering an opportunity for listeners to experience a touch of heaven through their music.

List of Tracks in “Touching Heaven” Album By Influence Music

  1. In Nomine Patris (Live)
  2. Touching Heaven (Live)
  3. Kingdom (Live)
  4. Mistakes (Live)
  5. Why Not Now? (Live)
  6. Soli Deo Gloria (Live)
  7. Breathe (Live)
  8. I Am (Live)
  9. City in the Sky (Live)
  10. Proud (Live)
  11. Spirit Lead Me (Live)
  12. Rejoice (Live)