Download Danny Gokey El Amor Rompe Barreras

Artist: Danny Gokey

Track Title: El Amor Rompe Barreras

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2016

Album Name: La Esperanza Frente a Mi (13 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Danny Gokey, a prominent figure in the Christian music scene, delivered a powerful track titled “El Amor Rompe Barreras” as part of his album “La Esperanza Frente a Mi.” This Spanish title translates to “Love Breaks Barriers,” reflecting the central theme of the song. The genre, Christian, underscores the spiritual essence of the music, emphasizing messages of faith, love, and hope. With a total of 13 tracks on the album, “El Amor Rompe Barreras” stands out with its profound lyrics and a duration of 3:36 minutes, offering a brief yet impactful listening experience. The song was released in 2016, marking a significant contribution to Danny Gokey’s discography and leaving an indelible mark on listeners who appreciate Christian music.

Danny Gokey’s album “La Esperanza Frente a Mi” is a testament to his commitment to creating music that resonates with the Christian community. The title of the album, translated as “Hope in Front of Me,” suggests a theme of optimism and positivity throughout the tracks. Each of the 13 songs, including “El Amor Rompe Barreras,” likely contributes to the overarching message of finding hope and strength in the face of life’s challenges. The duration of 3:36 minutes for the featured song indicates a concise yet impactful composition, allowing listeners to absorb the spiritual messages without unnecessary embellishments. Released in 2016, the album remains a timeless addition to Christian music, reflecting Danny Gokey’s dedication to spreading messages of faith and love through his art.

“El Amor Rompe Barreras” by Danny Gokey serves as a poignant example of the artist’s ability to craft meaningful songs within the Christian genre. The title, meaning “Love Breaks Barriers” in English, suggests a focus on the transformative power of love in overcoming obstacles. As part of the album “La Esperanza Frente a Mi,” the song contributes to a collection of tracks that explore themes of hope and resilience. With a duration of 3:36 minutes, the song manages to convey its message succinctly, capturing the listener’s attention and heart. Released in 2016, the track remains a valuable piece in Danny Gokey’s body of work, showcasing his dedication to creating soul-stirring music with a spiritual foundation.

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El Amor Rompe Barreras Lyrics By Danny Gokey

El amor te sorprenderá
El aliento te quitara
Cambiará el rumbo de tu caminar

Y en fuego y dificultad, de las tinieblas te rescatara
Te quebrantara y te levantara
Te abraza y no te soltara
Pero siempre da libertad

El amor salvara al que es culpable
Es la voz del rechazado, tu castigo el sufrirá
Y milagros el hará, con vida nueva te restaurara
Si permites que te abrase
El amor rompe barreras

Te retara, te llevara
En las alturas tú volaras
Iras más allá de lo que imaginas
Y tu vida entregaras
Y un rio que fluye sin parar
Te inundara si tan solo crees

El amor salvara al que es culpable
Es la voz del rechazado, tu castigo el sufrirá
Y milagros el hará, con vida nueva te restaurara
Si permites que te abrase
El amor rompe barreras
Amor rompe barreras

Me levanta, me da vida
Con más amor viviré
El amor salva al culpable
Y es la voz del rechazado
El amor, el amor
El amor rompe barreras
En el fuego y el dolor
El amor rompe barreras