Download Tasha Cobbs Leonard Pour It Out

Artist: Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Track Title: Pour It Out

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2020

Album Name: Royalty (18 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Today, we have another appealing piece of music “Pour It Out” by the American gospel singer and songwriter, Tasha Cobbs Leonard.

Still can’t let the buzz fade away, Tasha Cobbs Leonard offers another beautiful and well-created melody “Pour It Out” to the hearing of her fans. It was recorded and released in 2020 which has started collecting many streams and fans’ commendations. “Pour It Out” comes off her new project of eighteen tracks titled “Royalty”.
Tasha Cobbs Leonard released a new studio album “Royalty” after many successful releases. The new offering was a self-released one in which she ministered well in reaching fans’ satisfaction and blessing the heart of many.

The ‘Royalty’ album by Tasha Cobbs Leonard carries a profound message of worship, faith, and the unchanging love of God. Each track serves as a heartfelt offering of praise, inviting listeners to draw near to the divine presence.

Again, the song “Pour It Out” happens to be the 13th and one of the most impressive tracks to update your music playlist once again… Listen, download and share with others below!!!

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Video: Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Pour It Out

Pour It Out Lyrics by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

[Verse 1]
Heaven smiles upon your broken worship
Pour it out, pour it out
Jesus knows just how much it cost you
Pour it out, pour it out

‘Cause He is near, drawing near
He is near to the broken-hearted
He is here, always here
Pour it out, pour it out

[Verse 2]
If it’s fear that’s keeping you from trusting
Pour it out, pour it out (Woo!)
And if it’s pride that’s keeping you from breaking
Just pour it out, pour it out

‘Cause He is near, drawing near
He is near to the broken-hearted
He is here, always here
Pour it out, pour it out

Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh (Ohh)
Oh-oh-oh (Ohh), oh-oh-oh (Ohh)
Oh-oh-oh (Oh-oh), oh-oh
(Ohh) Oh-oh-oh (Yeah) oh-oh-oh
(God, we pour out, we pour out)
Oh-oh-oh (Ohh), oh-oh
(It’s the cry of our hеarts)
Oh-oh-oh (We say ohh) oh-oh-oh (Ohh)
Oh-oh-oh-oh (Ohh) oh-oh (Hey!)
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[Verse 3]
The Fathеr’s love will never leave you empty
Just pour it out, He’s pouring out
Just make room for all that He is bringing
He’s pouring out, He is pouring out

Oh-oh-oh (Ohh)
Oh-oh-oh (He’s pouring out right now)
Oh-oh-oh (Somebody receive His love)
Oh-oh (We cry ohh)
Oh-oh-oh (We pour out today)
Oh-oh-oh (Oh, won’t You pour out on us)
Oh-oh-oh-oh (Woo! God, won’t You pour out on us)
Oh-oh (As we pour out on You)
Oh-oh-oh (Pour out on us)
Oh-oh-oh (Oh, we receive Your love today)
Oh-oh-oh (Ohh)
Oh-oh (Say ohh)
Oh-oh-oh (Ohh)
Oh-oh-oh (Oh, we cry out ohh)
Oh-oh-oh-oh (Woah)

Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
You say it
Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
Sing oh-oh-ohh (Oh-oh-oh)
Oh-oh-oh (Oh-oh-oh)
Oh-oh-oh (Oh-oh-oh)
Oh-oh (Oh-oh)