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Artist: MercyMe

Track Title: So Long Self

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2006

Album Name: Coming up to Breathe (13 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

MercyMe’s album “Coming Up to Breathe” includes the powerful track “So Long Self.” Released in 2006, this Christian-themed song has a duration of 4 minutes and 4 seconds. “So Long Self” likely carries a message of self-reflection and surrender to a higher purpose, a theme often found in MercyMe’s music.

As one of the tracks on the album, “So Long Self” probably challenges listeners to let go of their own ego and desires in favor of a deeper connection with their faith and a greater sense of purpose. MercyMe’s ability to create music that prompts introspection and encourages spiritual growth is evident in this song. It likely invites listeners to confront their own shortcomings and embrace a journey toward self-discovery and spiritual transformation.

For those seeking Christian music that challenges them to let go of self-centeredness and embrace a deeper faith, “So Long Self” by MercyMe is a poignant choice. Its message of surrender and growth continues to resonate with audiences, making it a significant part of the band’s contribution to the realm of Christian music.

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Video: MercyMe – So Long Self

So Long Self Lyrics By MercyMe

Well if I come across a little bit distant
It’s just because I am
Things just seem to feel a little bit different
You understand
Believe it or not but life is not apparently
About me anyways
But I have met the One who really is worthy
So let me say

So long, self
Well, it’s been fun, but I have found somebody else
So long, self
There’s just no room for two
So you are gonna have to move
So long, self
Don’t take this wrong but you are wrong for me, farewell
Oh well, goodbye, don’t cry
So long, self

Stop right there because I know what you’re thinking
But no we can’t be friends
And even though I know your heart is breaking
This has to end
And come to think of it the blame for all of this
Simply falls on me
For wanting something more in life than all of this
Can’t you see

Don’t feel so bad (don’t feel so bad)
There’ll be better days (there’ll be better days)
Don’t go away mad (but by all means)
Just go away, go away