Download Ron Kenoly Dwell In the House Full Album

Album Artist: Ron Kenoly

Album Title: Dwell In the House Full Album

Released Year: 2001

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums and EPs

Number of Tracks: 12 Tracks

Download Ron Kenoly’s Dwell In the House Album: The American gospel songster Ron Kenoly unveiled his well created body of work captioned “Dwell In the House” for the delightful listening of the gospel music community. The project which bagged twelve invigorating entries was released in the year 2001.

Released in a time when contemporary gospel music was making its mark, “Dwell In the House” stood out for its unique ability to seamlessly blend various musical elements while keeping the focus on spiritual devotion. Ron Kenoly, a seasoned worship leader and songwriter, brought his signature passion and energy to this album, creating an atmosphere where listeners could truly connect with God.

One of the defining aspects of “Dwell In the House” is its powerful and heartfelt lyrics. The songs not only celebrate the greatness of God but also express the depth of human longing for a closer relationship with Him. The title track, “Dwell In the House,” encapsulates this sentiment, inviting the listener to seek refuge in the shelter of God’s embrace.

Ron Kenoly’s 2001 gospel album “Dwell In the House” stands as a testament to the enduring power of worship music. Its blend of heartfelt lyrics, diverse musical styles, and spiritual depth creates an experience that transcends time and speaks to the universal human longing for connection with the divine. As we continue to listen to this remarkable album, we are reminded that the act of dwelling in the house of God is not just a physical space, but a state of heart and mind where we find refuge, purpose, and fulfillment.

List of Tracks: Dwell In the House by Ron Kenoly

  1. Dwell In the House
  2. Seek Your Face
  3. Move; Spirit; Move
  4. You Are
  5. Mighty King
  6. Grandma’s Hands
  7. Praise Him
  8. You Alone
  9. All the Way
  10. My Quiet Place
  11. A New Anointing
  12. That City