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Artist: MercyMe

Track Title: Where I Belong

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2006

Album Name: Coming up to Breathe (13 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

MercyMe, the renowned Christian music group, left an indelible mark on the music scene with their song “Where I Belong” from the album “Coming Up to Breathe.” This song, with a duration of 4 minutes and 41 seconds, encapsulates the essence of their faith and passion. Released in 2006, it’s a testament to the enduring power of Christian music. “Where I Belong” is one of the 13 tracks on this album, each resonating with messages of hope, love, and spirituality. MercyMe’s ability to infuse their music with deep meaning is what sets them apart in the world of contemporary Christian music.

The album “Coming Up to Breathe,” featuring “Where I Belong,” serves as a cornerstone in MercyMe’s illustrious career. With a total of 13 tracks, this album explores various aspects of faith, worship, and personal connection with the divine. The group’s dedication to their Christian genre is evident in each note and lyric. “Where I Belong” stands out for its 4:41 minutes of soul-stirring music that invites listeners to find their place in the world and in their faith. It’s a song that continues to resonate with fans, drawing them closer to their spiritual journey.

In 2006, the music world was graced with MercyMe’s “Where I Belong” and the album “Coming Up to Breathe.” This song is a testament to the group’s unwavering commitment to their Christian roots and their ability to deliver powerful messages through music. With a duration of 4 minutes and 41 seconds, it’s a reminder of the enduring impact of Christian music. In a collection of 13 tracks, MercyMe weaves a tapestry of devotion and inspiration, making their music a source of solace and connection for their listeners.

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Where I Belong Lyrics By MercyMe

Everybody hopes
That maybe somewhere down this road
We’d finally find that place where we belong
That place where we’re complete
The one that occupies our dreams
That place we’re lucky to call our home
Well, I have arrived
And I can’t keep this inside

So I raise my hands
And shout Your name
To praise You with my song
My dream’s at hand
I’ve found my place
The place where I belong

Everybody tries
To find the purpose for their life
In hopes that one more day is justified
But once you truly see
The very reason why you breathe
It becomes so much more than getting by
Well, I have arrived
And I can’t keep this inside