Download Dax – The Abyss

Artist: Dax

Track Title: The Abyss

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2021

Album Name: What is life? (7 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Let me introduce you to a fantastic song titled “The Abyss,” crafted and performed by the talented artist Dax, who hails from both Canada and Nigeria.

Dax, a skilled singer from Canada and Nigeria, has brought us an exciting collection of songs in 2023, and among them shines “The Abyss.” This song holds the promise of becoming a popular hit, and the anticipation from people is palpable. It’s a song that unquestionably deserves a listen and adds to Dax’s already impressive array of tracks.

“The Abyss” skillfully blends elements of Hip Hop and Rap music, resulting in a captivating fusion. Dax’s voice suits the song perfectly, and his performance is outstanding. His vocals are crystal clear, and the arrangement of lyrics and music showcases a high level of craftsmanship, making it a delightful experience for your ears.

This song takes the lead in Dax’s recently released album titled “What Is Life?,” which is genuinely remarkable. The album comprises seven robust and stylish songs that vividly display Dax’s remarkable talent and versatility as an artist who goes by that very name.

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Video: Dax – The Abyss

The Abyss Lyrics By Dax

Everything I did always gave my best
I don’t know if anybody relates but the feeling I get it’s like a truck sitting on my chest
Wondering how much do I got left?
My last call, my last step
I’m not gonna win just to see what’s next
I go hard cause today could be my last breath
We do life and we can’t relive it
We only get one chance if you blink then you might just miss it
Many people come and go, they all just visit
Don’t ever expect none different
Just listen as I pave this image that y’all revisit
Yeah my glass half empty but I still might sip it
But I was traumatized 
What would you have said when you was looking in my mama’s eyes? Nothing
Yeah I might have said that I was okay but I probably lied
So this pain is how I harmonize
Making an impact that’s what I personify
Guess I’m making music that you cannot just define by the numbers on my Spotify
All of this pain I just wanna be happy
Mom almost died the same day that she had me
Drove into the hospital she swerved and crashed badly
Doctor said I was a miracle while looking at my daddy
I was zero when I first dodged death
I was six when the devil told me to watch my step
Couldn’t sleep, I was scared to go inside my bed
Fighting demons, I was hearing things inside my head
So back to the doctor, he didn’t have a diagnosis
So my whole damn life I felt lost while fighting psychosis 
Talking to myself hopping nobody would notice
Mom said pray every time I heard the voices
Life or death, everyday I swear I made choices
Knife in my hand trying not to lose focus
Playing basketball religiously to drown out the noise
Let me explain that it’s like laying on train tracks
Grabbing guns contemplating blowing your brain bags
Eyes close shut watching everything fade black
People stepping over you, you feel like a placemat, fuck
And let me make it clear, God is the only one I’ve ever feared
But you start to get paranoid and look over your shoulder
When these people have been hurting you for so many years
So I had to escape, if you’re listening I know that you relate
It’s that feeling that you get like your life and existence was all just one big mistake
I felt trapped and I couldn’t find space
I went and got lost in the things that I create
Ever since I was a kid, people hated and they judged everything that I did
So I went into my mind and created the abyss
Man I swear I did!
How the hell y’all think I make these hits?
It’s cause I’ve been broken, beaten, dragged, laughed at, scorned, burned and kicked
So I get to reach in this endless pit of hurt and pain from all that shit
And that’s the only reason that you people come here or for God’s sake even know that Dax exists
This how it feels to drown, this is how it looks when you lost and you can’t be found
The abyss was a place I’d visit but I went so much that I’m going and I’m stuck here now
This is not music this is not dope
This is me begging y’all to throw me a rope
So I keep tryna climb up the place that came in my life when I spiraled and first lost hope
Let me explain
I’ve been Dax so long I get PTSD when somebody says real name
But I guess that’s the price you pay
I didn’t want it to be like this but I guess it is what it is
Inside The Abyss