Download Dax – Fame ft Yelawolf

Artist: Dax

Track Title: Fame ft Yelawolf

Featured Artist(s): Yelawolf

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2021

Album Name: Pain Paints Paintings (16 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Top Trending Nigerian-Canadian gospel singer, Dax drops this amazing tune which he tags, Fame.

Talented gospel singer, Dax outdoors this excellent worship euphony tagged Fame, for the listening pleasure of the fans in the year 2021. This beautiful record was extracted from the album called Pain Paints Paintings.
The singer Dax has won several awards since he ventured into the limelight. This amazing song tagged Fame was released as the fourteen songs off his much-accepted boy of work, Pain Paints Paintings.

More so, Pain Paints Paintings body of work comes with sixteen remarkable gospel tracks that are guaranteed to lift up your spirit and souls in praises and thanksgiving to God.

Dax’s collaboration with the esteemed Yelawolf in the track “Fame,” featured within the album “Pain Paints Paintings,” marks a dynamic fusion of talents that reverberates with insight into the complexities of celebrity culture. Unveiled under the Living Legends Entertainment label in 2021, this song occupies a notable position as the thirteenth track, delving into the dichotomies of success, recognition, and the sacrifices they demand.

Positioned as a pivotal installment within the album’s narrative, “Fame” captures the multifaceted nature of stardom through incisive lyricism and engaging beats. Dax and Yelawolf’s combined prowess allows them to explore the allure and disillusionment that come with fame, offering listeners a glimpse into the struggles behind the public façade. By choosing the thirteenth slot for this collaboration, Dax orchestrates a striking contrast between the allure of fame and the depths of vulnerability that often go unnoticed, resonating with audiences who contemplate the price of recognition.

“Fame” stands as a testament to Dax’s dedication to producing music that transcends entertainment, offering a critical lens through which listeners can examine the notion of success. Through their verses, Dax and Yelawolf navigate the labyrinth of celebrity with a raw authenticity, revealing the emotional toll it exacts. As the thirteenth track in “Pain Paints Paintings,” this collaboration magnifies the album’s thematic journey and underscores Dax’s commitment to crafting music that sparks reflection, transcending the superficial to unveil the true essence of the human experience in the spotlight.

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Video: Dax – Fame ft Yelawolf

Fame ft Yelawolf Lyrics By Dax

Yeah, just bought a black Bentley truck
But I got no black tuxedo
I ain’t even put a post up, givin’ no fucks
No ego huh, know that’s a lie, homie
We all got a little bit of high rise, homie
A PBR, yeah, but I got bub on a shelf
I’m in love with myself, won’t die lonely
You asking why not, why me, homie
Get tough don’t cry on me
Bitch, I suffered to get rich
I became a president
But they can’t put a tie on me
Gave my mama a new whip
A CVO clean as a new Q-tip
A Harley Davidson trike
The hard way to spend right
I gave part of my life just to do this
And gave part of my heart
When Shawty Fatt died
Know my brother wasn’t on the block
Crack guy
Blood on my face from the shot, trap side
I didn’t realize I was baptized at the time
But the time was a rhyme
I confined and compartmentalized
I built like a builder
Milled and I drilled up
Dirt to a tiller, marginalized
And part of it’s pride
The other part of it is my eyes
What I’ve seen, what I’ve
Done, what I’ve lost, what I’ve won
I was made to become that guy
So when the stage lights hit the boy
In the leather jacket
That’s me at the steeple
Rock and roll, here’s the church
Rock and roll, here’s the people
And we’re all evil
Always wanting something new
To be famous people
We’ve been watching over you
We are (We are) evil (Evil)
Always wantin’ something new
(Always wanting something)
To be famous (Famous) people (People)
We’ve been watching over you
Yeah they been watchin’ and lookin’
Right through a peephole claim fame is nice
So I’ma need some insurance on it
So I can get half of what it equals (yeah)
The other half in case I turn evil
Is reparations for the misled people
I never meant to do that
But in between the alcohol and shows
And couple of bad hoes
I may of feel a bit off track
See, I was never meant fall in line
Every track was a stand
I don’t walk left-right ‘less we
Talking ’bout a marchin’ band
The headspace that I’m in
Got these people looking at me
Like I’m Martian Man
They butter me up, margarine
Said my soul was the cost to trend
And my consciousness, and as a result
I ain’t never fuckin’ pickin’
Up the call again
I don’t give a fuck what you
Say, I ain’t never gon’ change, bitch
I came and I did it my way
I got the crowd packed, screamin’ words back
Saying “Dax” every time I
Hit the goddamn stage
Pussy, you ain’t gonna touch what I made
Don’t you ever try to say that you
Know or you feel my pain
We not the same, I’m off the chain
I’m in the storm, but meant to reign
And I ain’t fuckin’ with bad vibes
Dax is an American past time
Blowin’ up on defeat like a landmine
So don’t ever ask why I’m the bad guy
‘Cause that’s what happens when you
Something they can’t find
As I look into my eyes and
Pass by the mirror lies
I see someone broken inside
That hides as the fame deprives
But helps build the life that they all
Define as one of a kind
We are evil always wanting something new
To be famous people
We’ve been watching over you
We are (We are) evil (Evil)
Always wantin’ something new
(Always wanting something)
To be famous (Famous) people (People)
We’ve been watching over you